151 Hours in Length – To be completed in no more than 12 months.

The class 1 MELT course is a combination of:

  • In Class Training – Theoretical Learning components
  • In Yard Training – Practical in yard training
  • On Road – In truck, one on one training

Students will learn an overview of the Trucking Industry including:

  • Vehicle components and systems
  • Document Regulations and Planning
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Professional Driving Habits and Techniques
  • Off Road Tasks and Maneuvers, backing up, Coupling, Chaining up, Cargo Securement
  • Vehicle Inspections and Air Brakes

Requirements to sign up to MELT Class 1 Course:

  • Students must complete Class 1 MELT knowledge test and obtain a Learners License before course start date.
  • Students will need appropriate safety gear (Coveralls, Gloves and Safety Glasses).
  • Medical Examination is required by ICBC to obtain Class 1 MELT License.